Top Software Company Team

April Software’s team consists of experienced and dedicated professionals. Our main goal is to serve our clients in the best way we can! Each team member strives to bring the best of their personal and professional qualities. Thus, we unite with one mission in common – to deliver top software company services.

What Makes Us a Top Software Company Team

What Makes Us a Top Software Company Team

Customer focus and excellence in quality is what makes April Software unique. We hold these two values at the top of our hierarchy. This is valid not only when it comes to our products and services, but also when we select the members of our company team. Each one has a proven track record of high professional morale and successful projects. More importantly, everyone of us is obsessed with delivering nothing less than top software services and customer satisfaction. Finally, our attention to detail and creative approach to efficient solutions set us truly apart.

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Some of Our Team Members

Cedric Nanni

The executive leader of our team possesses vast experience within the investment management IT sector. Consequently, this enables him to flawlessly understand the challenges and difficulties that the sector’s management companies face when dealing with their data flows and processes. Mr. Nanni’s 15+ years in the industry guarantee that our clients’ specific needs and requirements will be truly recognized, understood, and served well by a company dedicated to prove itself as a true top software company.

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Amaury Mairlot

Mr. Mairlot joins April Software as our lead Business Development Officer. He is truly passionate for the influence of technology on financial markets and services. Therefore, he works relentlessly to make us the top software company in Luxembourg. Supreme customer service and impeccable ethics are Amaury’s hallmark traits, which perfectly fit our company’s business philosophy.

Viki Chervenkova

Ms. Chervenkova leads the Marketing department of April Software. She ensures that our brand message and services reach the right people in the right way. Also, she excels at building meaningful conversations and relationships with current and prospect clients. Ms. Chervenkova possesses 10+ years of experience in Marketing, attention to detail, and eagerness to learn. Her mission is to bring our top software company up to a whole new level of industry presence. So, she employs innovative ideas and expert approach to make us stand out from the crowd.