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Press Release: Data Central Now Fully Integrated with Bloomberg’s PORT The Combination Puts Sophisticated Portfolio Management and Analysis Tools at Users’ Fingertips

Data Central is a leading SaaS solution that streamlines financial data coming from a variety of external sources into a coherent hub. Now, it is seamlessly integrated with Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution PORT. This provides turnkey access to portfolio analytics, news, and alerts that are crucial to running an investment management business smoothly and efficiently.

What Is Data Central?

Data Central is April Software’s data management solution. It has already impressed its users with its efficiency and capabilities. The tool collects, aggregates, standardizes, and stores financial data. Then, it allows access to that data anytime and from anywhere. Multiple users across all management levels can operate with it. This eliminates the need for an endless exchange of emails with attached reports.

Integration with Bloomberg’s PORT

Now, with Bloomberg’s PORT integration, Data Central is becoming even more powerful and effective at serving investment management companies’ needs. More specifically, for portfolios of global equities, fixed income, commodities, currencies and derivatives, they now have access to:

  • Real-time and intraday performance monitoring
  • Historical performance analysis and attribution
  • Portfolio versus benchmark characteristics
  • Ex-ante risk including tracking error, Value-at-Risk, and scenario analysis
  • Portfolio optimization and trade simulation
  • News and alerts on portfolio holdings

The comprehensive suite of portfolio analytics on the Bloomberg Professional® service allows them to formulate and test investment ideas, analyze positions on a standalone basis or relative to a benchmark, and explain the drivers of historical performance and potential sources of risk.

Our aim is to always keep improving and sophisticating Data Central for our clients’ benefit. Connecting with Bloomberg’s Portfolio & Risk Analytics solution allows us to add even more substance to our tool and provide more competitive advantages to our customers.

~Cedric Nanni, Founder and CEO

Download Official Press Release_Data Central Integrated with Bloomberg's PORT

In Conclusion

Data Central’s digital data delivery enables financial professionals to efficiently automate their financial information processing by delivering portfolio related reporting, performance calculations, and risk analysis in real time.