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Press Release: April Software to Relaunch Refreshed Website Modern Design, User-Friendly Interface, and More Options Available Soon

April Software is a company that facilitates the lives of fund management professionals in Luxembourg and beyond. Now we are about to relaunch our refreshed website. At April Software, we promise a modern look and focus on visitors’ experience.

About April Software

April Software has been in the business of providing effective software solutions for the fund industry players in Luxembourg for less than 5 years now. However, the demand for our services keeps growing. Initially, we created our corporate website with the single goal of having a designated online space to display what we do. Additionally, it showcased our flagship product Data Central’s characteristics and some basic contact details.

We felt that this was enough at this point. After all, other companies, even software development ones, did not even have as much.

~Cedric Nanni, Founder and CEO

Modern Times Require a Modern, Refreshed Website

However, times have changed. Prospect clients’ demands have changed. In particular, their appetite for more information and detailed descriptions has risen. Therefore, the need for a refreshed website rose as well. Our FundTech company, which specializes in technology serving the data management, compliance monitoring and reporting needs of investment management firms, decided to feed that appetite. And feed it well.

We promise a clean, modern look which complies with all contemporary trends in website design. Moreover, we will add loads of information and video footage. The aim is to help visitors better understand what our company does. More specifically, we will display how our prominent offering, Data Central, can transform and streamline data management flow. The employment of up-to-date SEO practices on the refreshed website will guarantee that interested parties would have no problem landing on the right page they are searching for.

Refreshed Website Part of a Larger-Scale Marketing Strategy

We are very excited to see that our project for a refreshed website is moving along the projected timeline. We should be well-equipped to see the official re-launch in early September.

~Amaury Mairlot, Business Development Officer

The website remodeling is part of the company’s larger-scale marketing strategy. The latter also involves stronger Social Media presence and some innovative advertising techniques, which only a select group of Luxembourg executives will have the chance to benefit from.

As far as the future development of the refreshed website is concerned, we are planning on adding fresh content and videos. This includes product tutorials and updates, on a regular basis. We invite anyone interested to stay updated on news from the company, including the exact date of the relaunch and new product feature releases, to sign up for our newsletter and follow our LinkedIn page.