Data Central For Risk Monitoring and Management

Collecting and working with data coming from different providers can create an incredible mess and confusion. Not only does data come in various types of file formats, but high-level professionals are also bound to waste time and energy reconciling and manipulating it. All in the name of getting their risk monitoring and risk management obligations fulfilled. A smart investment management company would be quick to realize the need to implement a simple-to-operate, yet powerful risk monitoring and management software like Data Central. Its capacities to extract, standardize, check quality, store, and retrieve data lift the burden off risk monitoring and management professionals’ shoulders. Better yet, it gives them the peace of mind and tools they need to competently perform their obligations.

Why Data Central Is a Reliable Risk Monitoring and Management Software

Data Central is already connected and working with several industry players, including fund administrators and market data providers. Therefore, it is easy for us to add new data sources to the system in a flawless fashion. This allows our clients to include any specific fund data administrator they need. We simply ask the provider to send over the same file that they usually distribute to their network. Then, we adjust our risk monitoring and management software to recognize this data. Its checks, transforms, standardizes, and then stores it in the hub for when you need it.

From then on, the system runs automatically and independently. You get high-quality, market-enriched data you can trust and use for multiple purposes. These also include risk monitoring and management tasks as well as reporting. Finally, the Excel add-in that we created allows users to develop their own customized calculations and reports. No doubt, this brings in even more flexibility and individualization of the service.

To make things even better, Data Central now offers a feature, specifically developed to help risk monitoring and risk management officers. “Risk Limits” is a monitoring tool that provides necessary financial information to keep track of the company’s risk diversification status. Additionally, it makes sure your investment management company maintains compliance with relevant legal requirements and regulations.

Surely, we realize that some of our clients are already using a proprietary risk management, compliance, or portfolio management system. No problem! Data Central gives you the ability to take data from it, standardize, store, and push it back! Our product’s flexibility and compatibility provides our clients with the options and peace of mind they need to be successful at what they are truly in business for.

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Benefits of Our Risk Management Software

With an ever increasing amount and complexity of risk management regulations and legal requirements, it is becoming harder and harder for professionals to keep up with all the paperwork entailed. While local and global regulators’ intentions may be positive and reasonable (after all, no one wishes the 2008 financial crisis to repeat and, hence, the wave of regulations and directives), there still must be a way to alleviate all that manual manipulation of data for risk monitoring, management, and reporting needs. This is where FundTech solutions like Data Central come into play.

Developed with the investment management professionals’ needs in mind, this superb SaaS product is a perfect fit for both UCITS, AIFM, and other management bodies. With a user-friendly interface, incredible flexibility, exemplary customer support service, and ever evolving updates, our risk monitoring and risk management software will future-proof your firm against any upcoming risk management regulations and industry shifts.