Data Central Pricing of Software for Data Management

According to the latest Cost of Compliance reports, the time, resources, and team efforts to comply with an ever increasing amount of directives and regulations in the financial industry continue to rise on a global scale. This, by no doubt, refers to different types of investment management firms as well. Given this background and future expectations of even more regulatory burden and compliance cost growth, it is only natural that companies seek a reasonable solution to help them manage their budgets while keeping high standards of performance and compliance. This is where a smart, easy-to-navigate, effective software for data management comes into play. It not only facilitates the management company’s day-to-day data operations, risk and compliance management, and reporting, but also helps achieve cost efficiencies.

Our Software for Data Management Pricing Explained

In order to be of best possible service to our clients and provide them with the peace of mind they deserve, we decided to build our software for data management’s pricing structure in a way that is simple, straightforward, and, most important of all, transparent. Thus, we openly entrust the success of our business model on building strong, long-lasting relationships with our clients. Investing our time and efforts in maintaining mutually beneficial working relationships with our customers is at the core of our business philosophy. Hence, the industry disruptive pricing approach we chose for our data management software:

No Upfront Payment

We are firm believers in complete customer satisfaction being the driver of a company's success.

This is why we do not require ANY payment before we fully integrate the software and the client company is happy with the results.

Single Annual Subscription Fee

The annual subscription fee for using Data Central covers all licenses, set-up, implementation (and any future alteration) of connectivity with data providers, data management, future software updates, and ongoing support.

One Single Fee for All Company Users

The annual subscription fee for using Data Central does not change when you add more users.
Our policy allows companies to include more of their employees as they grow. Thus, it enables internal efficiencies, team work, and access to necessary data for everyone who needs it.

No Hidden Fees

Other than the annual subscription fee for using our software for data management + an annual per portfolio hosting fee, we will never charge you anything else.

Custom software feature(s) development is negotiated and contracted separately.

A Saas Solution

Data Central is a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution, specialized in serving investment management companies. As such, licensing on a subscription basis is the best option for our clients.

Centrally Hosted

The software is centrally hosted at a PSF partner's data center in Luxembourg.

This means that you do not have to install any software on your premises.

More importantly, this translates into shared hosting cost efficiencies for all users.

Free Demo

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Software Pricing Recap

To summarize and detail out the pricing structure of using our software for data management, here’s how you save with it:

‚ÄčNo upfront payment needed!

To start with, our clients pay only AFTER we complete the implementation and set-up. Additionally, all parties need to ensure that the service is up and running flawlessly. Only then payment follows. Transparency and customer satisfaction are among our top values!

One single subscription fee!

The single annual subscription fee covers all licenses, set-up, and data flow management. Also, we have included the implementation of the connectivity with the client’s fund administrator(s) and ANY future alteration thereof. Consequently, this translates into huge savings of time and other resources should the need to change providers arise.

Updates included!

Any future updates and improvements of the software for data management come FREE to current subscribers!

No user limits!

Not only does the single annual subscription fee cover everything listed above, but it also does not depend on the number of users within the client company. The majority of software solutions on the market would charge you based on the number of users. Thus, they put a burden on your budget and limit your internal operations. We disrupt the industry by allowing you to add as many users as you wish without affecting your bottom line. Now that’s what we call customer-centric pricing of software for data management in the finance industry!

A Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) product!

Data Central is a SaaS product. This means that users get all necessary licenses and access to its functionalities simply by subscribing to it. In other words, there is no need to buy, install, and pay for extensions and future updates. Subscription can be kept/annually updated for as long as the client needs it and appreciates its value.

Centrally hosted in a PSF data center!

The software is centrally hosted in a trusted PSF-regulated partner’s data center, located in Luxembourg. As mentioned, no need to install software on client’s premises. On the contrary, simply access the platform and get all the data you need the way you need it. Moreover, shared hosting cost efficiencies come to benefit all users.

No hidden costs or extra charges!

Our customers will NEVER get charged for anything else beyond their annual subscription fee + a relatively low annual per portfolio hosting fee (dependent upon the number of portfolios managed on the platform). There are no hidden costs and no extra charges for features and services within the scope of subscription.

More options!

All our clients have the opportunity to request the development of any additional enhancements, tools, and features. Surely, we welcome inquiries for customized software development services and commit to providing you with the best possible quote!