Data Central For Handling Data from Fund Administrators

This is the very reason behind the idea, creation, development, and ongoing perfection of Data Central – to offer investment management and servicing companies a reliable, efficient tool to help them handle massive amounts of data coming from a variety of fund administrators in a myriad of file formats. The lack of a standard interface between different fund administrators’ files leads to huge amounts of time lost in manual processing of data. What is more, it also leads to an increased chance of making mistakes. Data Central eliminates these risks, improving efficiencies at all levels.

Data Central collects, aggregates, and standardizes all the data files coming from different fund administrators (Excel, CSV, XML, etc.). Thus, it is able to generate a single common format in an automated and autonomous manner.

How Data Central Handles Data from Fund Administrators

Collects Data from Fund Administrators

Data Central autonomously and automatically collects data from multiple sources. These can be fund administrators, depository banks, custodians, market data providers, etc.

Aggregates Data from All Sources

Our tool accumulates and combines data from the different sources.

Standardizes Data from the Different Sources

It transforms all incoming data into a single reliable standard format that's easy to work with at all company levels.

Checks and Validates Data

Data Central runs standard and customized checks to ensure data is valid and operational.

Structures Data in the Hub

The software is designed to take all standardized data and structure it in a single place in a meaningful and effective way.

Enriches Data

On top of the data coming from fund administrators and other client company's sources, Data Central adds market information from leading providers. This addition enriches our clients' data and enables better decision-making.

Approves Data

Data Central ensures that the quality of the data is at the necessary high level and approves it for further operations.

Stores Data

Our SaaS product acts as a cloud-based data hub, where all info is stored securely.

Provides Access to Stored Data

Each individual user gets a specific level of access and control as specified by the client company. These levels can be Super User, Admin, or User.

Enables and Stimulates Collaboration

The client company can specify different groups of users for team work or project-based assignments, taking agility to a new level!

Allows Multiple Data Reuses

Once available in the hub, data can be used a limitless number of times for different purposes and reports in various file formats.

Provides Additional Data Management Tools

Data Central comes with an Excel add-in that facilitates data access and manipulation for faster results and reports. In addition, further development of custom add-ons is available upon request!

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More Benefits for Your Company

Data Central helps your investment management or servicing company make real, value-adding, sensible, meaningful use of the data that comes in from fund administrators. Additionally, it enriches it with market data, allowing you to make better informed decisions. Due to its aggregation, standardization, structuring, enrichment, and data checking features Data Central lets you and your company focus back on your core business. Ultimately, it helps you boost productivity and cost efficiencies.

To top it off, we have so exquisitely built our software product, that we have enabled all our clients to make smooth and seamless transitions between fund administrators when the need arises. You will no longer be trapped with a given fund administrator for whatever reason. You can switch providers without any interruption of your operations and processes. This ability of Data Central is yet another proof and testimonial of its transparency, flexibility, and efficiency. The best part? We’ll never charge extra for change of fund administrators! It is all included in the subscription fee and ongoing support we provide to all our clients. Find out more about the pricing of our software for data management here.