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Since the crisis in 2008 the financial world had to face two major challenges. On one hand, there was an increasing amount of data to handle. On the other hand, the amount of regulations to abide by increased as well. These two interconnected trends led to the natural devolution of once meaningful tasks to purely administrative ones. As a result, highly educated and talented employees in the financial sector, especially in the fund management division, found themselves fulfilling boring and redundant administrative and data aggregation tasks. Not only did (and still do) they waste precious time and energy that can be otherwise used to boost productivity and performance, but they also stand the risk of making errors while handling massive amounts of data. This is where Data Central steps in. It offers the best fund management software solution to this and other problems.

Lack of Data Standards - Problem for Fund Management

Lack of Data Standards – Problem for Fund Management

Another issue further amplifies the problem with repetitive and meaningless administration tasks. Namely, there is no standardized type of data, which the different players in the industry use. Depository banks, custodians, central administrations, and data or other service providers – every company works with its own data format. This lack of standards confuses clients. Moreover, it adds even more burden on their shoulders. Not only do they have to spend even more time and internal resources to handle each different type of format, but they are also left completely alone in managing this imbroglio. Not anymore. Data Central is here to standardize data coming in all sorts of formats. Additionally, it seamlessly handles this data flow, proving it is the best fund management software on the market.

Why Data Central Is the Best Fund Management Software

Data Central Takes Over Data Management

Data Central is specialized in handling data flows, collecting and pushing any data from and to any system. It acts as a data hub/storage where inflow and outflow are connected.

Data Central Structures Data

Our product operates seamlessly with various data types coming from various providers. It extrapolates the information therein, transforms it, standardizes it, and stores it for future use.

Data Central Checks Data Quality

The automation of data management includes the inherent capacity for checking data quality and ensuring that it is valid and operational. Thus, it minimizes the risk of human error.

Data Central Facilitates Reporting

With its in-built reporting feature, Data Central makes it easy and quick for anyone to access the needed data and prepare the necessary report in any file format - PDF, Excel, Word, etc.

Data Central Frees up Employees’ Time

We built Data Central with the fund management worker in mind. By taking over data management, it frees up their time and talent for truly meaningful and value-adding work for the firm.

Data Central Enables New Capabilities

Once it automates the data flows with its providers and centralizes its data in a unique hub, a fund management company can unlock new monitoring and reporting capabilities.

Data Central Provides Tailored Add-ons

Designed from Day 1 to be modular and adaptable to the client's needs, our system not only offers much needed flexibility, but also gives you the opportunity to add tailored features.

Data Central Boosts Company’s Success

Data Central gives investment management companies the opportunity to focus on their core business and excel at it. With our service you streamline your data flows, unleash your team's potential and boost success.

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More About Data Central – The Best Fund Management Software

Data Central is a Software-As-A-Service (SaaS) product. This translates to several additional benefits for your company:

1. It is licensed on a subscription basis – you are free to keep the subscription active for as long as your company needs it. For more information, check out our Pricing page.

2. It is centrally hosted – you do not need to install any software on your premises.

3. It is an all-inclusive service – your subscription also includes the set-up, the support, and the data management. Data Central’s main expertise and advantage lies in its deep understanding of the financial world. The team behind the best fund management software has 15+ years of experience in the industry and knows all about financial data coming from any provider.

Safety and Security of Our Best Fund Management Software
On Safety and Security

We look at safety and security on several levels:

1. Our platform serves as a central repository for data, segregated for each and every one of our clients. We have put into place certain processes and procedures to guarantee this segregation and the scope and level of access of each company and its users.

2. Each user has a specific level of access and control rights, as designated by the client company. These levels are Super User, Admin, and User.

3. The client company has the ability to set up certain groups of users and funds within its scope of access and control. This feature additionally boosts team cooperation, collaboration, and agility.

4. Data is encrypted.

5. The platform’s hosting is in a Luxembourg data center, operated by our PSF partner EBRC. This serves as an additional guarantee for the safety and security of your management company’s data.

How Data Central Works

Data Central specializes in handling data flows. It is particularly powerful and efficient in dealing with the variety of custodian data formats that flood investment management and servicing companies on a daily basis. In a nutshell, its basic functionalities are as follows:

Collect data from multiple sources – fund administrators, depository banks, custodians, market data providers, etc.

Aggregate data – accumulate and combine data from the different sources

Standardize data – transform all incoming data into a single reliable standard format that’s easy to work with at all company levels

Validate data – run checks to ensure data is valid and operational

Enrich data – add market information on top of incoming data

Approve data – ensure quality of data is at necessary high level and approve it

Store data – act as a cloud-based data hub, where all info is stored securely

Provide access to stored data – each user has a specific level of access and control as specified by the client company

Enable collaboration – groups of users can be specified for team work or for project-based assignments

Reuse data multiple times – once available in the hub, data can be used a limitless number of times for different purposes and reports in various file formats

Provide additional tools – the Excel add-in facilitates data access and manipulation for faster results and reports

Allow tailored features – the software is flexible and customizable, allowing for the addition of tailored functionalities, modules, and features


How Data Central Works

In Summary

All of Data Central’s functions take place in a safe cloud environment to encourage collaboration, provide agility and reduce the cost of ownership.

Seen as a data hub where inflow and outflow connect, Data Central automatically collects and pushes any data from and to any system. More precisely, it can push data to any risk management, portfolio management, or compliance system and collect back data (like performance figures) from any system to produce meaningful and operational reports.

On top of all, Data Central users have the opportunity to request the development of additional tailor-made features. For example, these can be special reports that the company’s top management or board members can access.